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THE BATTLEBOX VIDEO GAMES is family-owned and operated, right here in the heart of Milwaukee, Wisconsin... Our company was formed  by a small group of "die hard Gamers, comic loyalist & fanboys, as a result of the Other "corporate Game companies"  who for the moment, shall remain nameless...never really offered any " fair " personalized customer trade in prices & services...and overall, just not treating us good, even after years of dedication & loyalty , we felt that no matter what, we would always, and only ever be, just another  customer..$  to them...  So we banded together and decided that true gamers needed a fair and friendly game place to shop...where every gamer would have a place to call their own...With a sense of belonging to...we wanted a place for game related art contests,  anime reveals, video games ,comic and movie new reviews... a honest to goodness"  trading post " for action figures (new & used ) and just about anything & everything a Gamer would want... So we pooled together our " tiny resources" and" vast gaming knowledge" ( over 30 years  worth of thumb numbing  game experience) with the hopes that our services here at the battlebox videogames,  could fix all that is wrong with the  " corporate non-gamer tyrant companies"Or just simply give gamers a true alternative....We want our business to be for the Gamer first .... and the bottom line second..We are aiming for the best treatment & experience possible for our supporters ,we dont want you all to be our customers at the battle box video games, we want you all to become our allies & friends, and we also heavily support education first, offering" 15% off "all our items to all honor roll students and neighborhood restoration volunteers/workers.... we welcome all ideas, art and gaming related concepts you might have to offer, in assisting us in forging our little gamer's oasis...We are looking forward to hearing from all you Gamers of the world...

                                                Thank you for supporting 
                                     the battlebox videogames .com
​                               " for Gamers, by Gamers....!"