These Terms are an agreement between THEBATTLEBOXVIDEOGAMES.COM and you. Please make sure that you read them. They apply to the terms of payment and submission of your electronic device (s) and item price changes that thebattleboxvideogames may have on the site, availability of those products on the site. The terms also apply to any future THEBATTLEBOXVIDEOGAMES.COM:

•supplements, and
•pricing for this website / service, unless other terms accompany those items. If so, those terms apply.



 We are here for you. Our focus is to make sure that you get the best price available for your electronics. Be honest about your submission and you will receive the best estimate from our experts. We have this to protect both you and THEBATTLEBOXVIDEOGAMES. It's to ensure that our transactions go smoothly. We are committed in ensuring you receive top dollar. We want you to make money.

 2. PRIVACY STATEMENT/INFORMATION. We will never share any of your personal information with any third party. TheBattleBoxVideoGames know how important privacy is.  All personal information submitted to will be used only by When submitting information such as your name, email address, address, and phone number, the only purpose and use will be for conducting business with 

 A. DATA SECURITY. We Guaranty that all information on your devices, that can be powered on, will be wiped clean. We will not sell any item with your information on it.

3. SENDING ELECTRONICS. Once you find your item and you agree with the initial quote for that item, you must email us using the request a quote form. Once receives your email, you will be contacted with confirmation to ship your item to us. will not process any order that has been sent in that wasn't confirmed. It will take between (3-5) days before we receive your item. Also do not ship any item using express or next day unless you are willing to pay for it. Shipping is free for standard mail only. If you want you can ship over night but again that will be at your own expense. 

 4. PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE. Please make sure that you're submitting what you say you are. This way you can be paid for what you expect to be paid for it. If anything is different from what you've submitted the price will be adjusted accordingly. You will be contacted when a price change has occurred.If you do not agree with the new price change you are responsible for shipping to get your item back.

 A. All Pricing Subject to Change. If there is a difference in the condition, type and amount of damage to your electronic device, the price is subject to change. It is important to understand that all prices shown on regarding what we purchase from you are estimated quotes, not guarantees. If we determine that the electronic device is in a condition different from the submitted condition, we will adjust the price to reflect the condition. reserves the rights to make the final judgment of the condition of all electronics we test. Our purpose is to give you the best price possible.
 B. Multiple Item Orders. Get as many items as you can in one box after you are given the approval to send in your items. Make sure that you email us, again using the request a quote form, before sending in your electronics.
 C. Extreme Damage. If the item arrives broken or damaged will require compensation for shipping or we will have it recycled and we will not return the product.

 D. Opened, Tampered with, or Modified Electronic Device. Let us know if you have opened the device for any reason so we can make the payment process as fast as possible. If we see that a box has been opened, modded, tampered with in anyway, we will not pay for it. Shipping must be compensated. Each day after you have been contacted regarding a tampered product, the compensation goes up by $5.00 and will not stop until payments are made.

 E. Battery Life (for items with internal Batteries or Power Supplies). We will check the battery life of each product. If it doesn't hold a charge then that will affect the price that you will receive. We will have to compensate for the price of a new battery or power supply. In some instances we will not take the item, that is the right we reserve to have. 

 5. PAYMENT PERIOD. Electronic devices are paid for via PayPal or check. We will test the products in the same day that we recieve it/them. It may take a few days but could take longer depending on the amount of traffic. But we get started on every product immediately. 
 A. PAYMENT TIME FRAME.Our time frame for getting the payment to you will depend on how fast we get to the post office with the check/money order. If you have paypal it can be done instantly. As soon as your item is processed and checked, your payment will be sent within 24 hours. If there are no delays in the testing period then payment should come within two weeks.

 B. REISSUING PAYMENTS. If the payment is lost for any reason and proof is given we will reissue a payment. The payment such as a money order must be canceled before we reissue out a payment.

 C. Mailing Time: We are not responsible for any delay that the post office or any other shipping company faces due to weather or any other reason. The time it takes for us to receive your item depends on you. Which ever method you choose to ship the item. Please take into consideration weather and other forms of actions that could delay your item from reaching us in a reasonable amount of time.

 D. Repricing items: We reserve the right to change the price of items at anytime. If you have received confirmation for your product(s) before the price change, we will use the old pricing scale to give you the most money possible. 

E.Vital Components Required for Testing and Operation. Your item must contain all cords and chargers so we can fully test your item. If you forget to send all items this will delay your payment. We will not order extra parts to test items.

 6. LOCAL DROP-OFFS. There will be no local drop-offs at this time. Everything must be done through

 7. RETURNS. If you send us the wrong model numbered item. For example, Ipad 2 but you said you were sending an Ipad 3. You will receive confirmation that the item is indeed different and you will receive the price that corresponds to that item. 

 A. ITEMS ELIGIBLE FOR RETURN. We return what you send to us. 

 8. LOST AND DAMAGED MAIL. In the event of a package being damaged or lost in transit, will work to the best of our abilities with you to find a fair and reasonable solution.

 A. Incoming Mail.  We will compensate you for your shipping cost in your quote so that your shipping is free. We will provide shipping labels soon.

 B. Shipping Items back. We will ship your items back to you using standard postal services.

 C. TRADEMARKS.All content on TheBattleBoxVideoGames including text, images, logos and website design and setup are property of the site and can not be used or copied.

 10. REPRESENTATIONS AND WARRANTIES. By sending in your device you are agreeing that you are 18 years old and that the item is yours. You are agreeing that you are the sole owner of this device.

 A. Stolen, Fake and Counterfeit Items. Anything stolen will not be sent back to you. We will check every item through tracechecker. com. We also insist that you check your items through as well .Please send in your items and your items alone. We will not tolerate stolen merchandise. It will be reported to the local authorites. If you say you didn't know that can be avoided by checking your items serial number through

 11. Returns for unclaimed items. Please make sure that you have updated information for us. We send all payments and returned items to the information entered and given to

12.Mailing payments: The item must be sent in by the person who is expecting the payment. We will write the check out to the name we have received and to the adress given at the time of confirmation only. We do not ship to p.o. boxes due to size restrictions.

 13. LEGAL DISPUTES. The customer agrees that they will exhaust all forms of communication and resolutions possible before seeking litigation. If you do not agree with the price quote the customer is responsible for retrieving their item at their own expense. If the situation is taken care of and the issue resolved you agree not not seek any further compensation through legal matters. If all options  are not sought then the cost of all litigation and time wasted will be paid for by you. Any issue that arises must be dealt with no oter outside party or third party. You must contact to resolve issue. If any legal dispute arises you will be responsible for all costs

 14. CUSTOMER CONTACT. We will contact you for updates on your orders by phone or email. 
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